identita trentina

Trentino wines, Trentino identity

The wines of Concilio are wines from Trentino, an area which has a vocation for the vine-growing and the production of high-quality wines. The great variety of microclimates enables us to obtain wines with different personalities.

The wines of Concilio, produced by Cantina Sociale di Trento, are the result of an ancient tradition joined with the most up-to-date techniques. Through the experience and professionalism of its enologists and analysts, Cantina Sociale di Trento praises itself with a production chain, which epitomises the utmost potential of the territory of the Province of Trento.


Trentino territory, Trentino people

The cultural, artistic and naturalistic heritage of Trentino are underpinned by a quality of life that is profoundly connected with the environment.
The people of Trentino can rely on professionalism, industriousness and creativity, entrenched in a strong sense of belonging and deep roots in the local traditions.
Small businesses are the backbone of the region’s economy, reflecting Trentino’s strong sense of community, through which trade becomes a vehicle for shared values.
Set in this context, Concilio can claim to be a true Trentino-based company adding value to its area and its people.


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