A vocation for Trentino wines

We believe in producing genuine Trentino wine, which is why Cantina Sociale di Trento makes Concilio’s wines from the grapes of its members. Because in any production chain, it is the soil that ensures the production of specific wine varieties, drawing on the area’s terrain and microclimate.
Wines that stem from our winegrowers’ ancient art of wine-making and from the expertise of our enologists and agronomists, and addressed to the most discerning consumers.

Concilio’s wines are Trentino wines by definition. The pure expression of our mountainous, alpine territory, our crisp, fragrant Charmat sparkling wines reflect the region’s characteristics to the full: elegant, crisp and characterised by a moderate alcohol content, with a fine, lingering perlage.

Ideal as an aperitif, they can also accompany the entire meal.

Il Muller Thurgau di Conciolio. Un classico vino del trentino.

Why choosing the wines of Concilio?

Because they are wines from Trentino, first of all, and this is a seal of quality. Choosing Concilio means also: 

Choosing an old wine tradition: our history and our strong relationship with our region.

Choosing the purity and the quality which every single wine can give you

Choosing a wide range of styles for every occasion: from every day drinking to longer term cellaring wines
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