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“Mokner” is the ancient name of a family engaged in mountainous farming in Trentino  

It fits well with
A wine for savouring on its own, it is also excellent with dishes without obtrusive flavours, such as refined poultry and white meats. This wine will improve with further ageing. 

Ruby red with hints of garnet, stimulating on the nose, reminiscent of red fruits, morello cherries and vanilla. On the palate it is harmonious and enveloping with intense fruit on the finish. 

Alcohol content: 13%
Serving temperature: 18°C

Growing area
Only the part of Trentino recognized as suitable for the production of premium wines are covered by the Trentino appellation of origin. Within these vineyard areas certain small sites afford optimum conditions for producing fine Pinot Noir. They are usually on hillsides at altitudes of 350/400 metres with good ventilation  and exposure to sunlight, and where soils are gravely.
Ratings 2018

Premi 2018

Luca Maroni Annuario
89 punti - 2014

Vini di Veronelli
87 punti - 2015

3 grappoli - 2014

Ratings 2017

Premi 2017

I Vini di Veronelli 
89 punti - 2013

Luca Maroni Annuario 
87 punti - 2013 

4 grappoli - 2013

Berebene Gambero Rosso
Oscar - 2013

Ratings 2016

Premi 2016

I Vini d'Italia, l'Espresso 
2 bottiglie - 2010

I Vini di Veronelli
87 punti - 2010

Luca Maroni Annuario 
85 punti - 2010

Vitae Ais
2 viti - 2010

4 grappoli - 2010
Ratings 2015

Premi 2015

4 grappoli - 2009

Vini d'Italia l'Espresso 
3 bottiglie - 2009

I Vini di Veronelli 
88 punti - 2009

Luca Maroni Annuario
86 punti - 2009

Vitae Ais
2 viti  - 2009
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