Mori Vecio and Il Miliare, 2 peculiar wines

MORI VECIO is a historic, prestigious red wine from Trentino. Its name plays on the cellar’s place of origin - the old centre of the village of Mori in the Lagarina Valley, not far from Lake Garda - and on a long-life wish (“mori” meaning die in the local dialect, and “vecio” meaning old, i.e. die old).

Mori Vecio was one of the first Bordeaux blends to be produced in Trentino in the sixties: a wine obtained from Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, aged in French oak barrels and named after the place of production.

Born with the harvest of 1967, it instantly stood out for its excellent structure, elegance and raciness. These reserve wines are produced to this day with the passion of yesteryear and with full respect for tradition.

A milestone placed along the road which marks the distance on the public Roman ways.
The milestone used to provide reference points along the way. On a symbolic level Il Miliare represents for Concilio the transition from the tradition to the stylistic innovation in the winemaking.
It fits well with: Fish dishes, shellfish and hard cheese. Serving temperature: 10/11°C.

Description: Intense straw yellow in colour, fine and elegant bouquet, with a spicy hint of vanilla and fruity and floral notes which remind white flowers and apricot. On the palate the wine is smooth, well-structured, with notes of vanilla and stone fruits. Good persistence.

VIGNETI DELLE DOLOMITI IGT: The grapes are grown on selected vineyards, surrounded by the Dolomites and situated at an altitude comprised between 300 and 700 m above sea level, with soil of alluvial origin or sedimentary rock, with a south, south-western exposure. 
Il Mori Vecio riserva è uno storico e prestigioso vino rosso del Trentino.
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