Trentino vineyards in the Lagarina Valley

Vineyards: most wine-growing areas in Trentino reflect the extraordinary characteristics of this mountainous region, which are in turn echoed in their wines. The vineyards of the Dolomites are marked by woods, valleys, rivers and majestic mountain peaks. Indeed, it is precisely due to the mountains, with their different soil and climate conditions, and with their rivers that furrow most of the Trentino valleys, including the Lagarina Valley, that the Trentino wines have such distinctive characteristics.
The Trentino vineyards stand at different heights, facing each of the four cardinal points, and as such rely on different limestone, porphyritic or basaltic soils. The region is also characterised by different climates: mild in the foothills of the Southern Alps, cold at higher altitudes, and Mediterranean in the areas north of Lake Garda.

Wine growing in Trentino 

The Trentino vineyards form part of a somewhat extreme territory that man has had to learn to interpret, setting up different agricultural systems (pastureland, orchards, vineyards etc.) according to the potential for cultivation in each environment. Thus, the coexistence of many “micro wine-growing areas” in a territory as small as Trentino has favoured, over centuries of wine-growing, the development of experience and knowledge required to optimise the cultivation of different varieties.

The rolling hills of Trento and of the Lagarina Valley, for example, lend themselves particularly to the production of elegant, mineral, fruity wines.
I vigneti dove vengono prodotti i vini di Concilio in Trentino
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