Wine certifications: the best control instrument

Concilio believes in the importance of wine certification as an essential instrument of control. 

How to recognise quality wines

Wine quality is not just about the vineyard, vintage or cellar, but also about quality certifications, offering consumers a guarantee of safe, healthy products stemming from sustainable agriculture.  

Our painstaking attention at every step in the production of high quality white, red and sparkling wines ensures optimal food safety and a low carbon footprint. 

For any food company, analysing and controlling production risks begins with HACCP (Hazard-Analysis and Control of Critical Points), a rational and organised approach to self-control. This protocol consists of a set of procedures aimed at preventing the contamination of food and safeguarding product safety.  

In addition to adopting this system as a means of pursuing the best current practice and safeguarding its customers, Concilio has also voluntarily decided to obtain the internationally recognised BRC and IFS certifications, whose regular audits ensure the application of all HACCP self-control procedures.

The certification of the BRC (British Retail Consortium) is a quality standard addressing the safety of food products used by the mass retail channel to ensure the utmost quality and safety of food products for consumers.

The purpose of the International Featured Standards (IFS) is to facilitate the effective selection of suppliers of mass retail food products, based on their ability to provide safe products that comply with contractual specifications and legal requirements.
These standards are recognised both in Europe and in the rest of the world.
IFS is one of the food safety standards recognised by the international GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative), the main purpose of which is to strengthen and promote food safety throughout the supply chain.
Tutti i vini di Concilio sono certificati.
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